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I got another piercing! So far my body has been pierced 6 times. Not bad for someone who is terrified of needles. So what did I get done? Keep reading to find out...

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I really wanted to get another piercing, I guess they are pretty addictive. Once you get one, you want another one. It's probably the same as getting your first tattoo. Don't worry though; I won't be piercing my whole body. I might get two more and that's all. I guess I will soon find out... :P

Anyway, I got my piercings done at an Australian store called Off Ya Tree. They are like an alternative store, which is pretty cool, because their clothing is pretty vintage, which I like. The day I went they were going AU$5.00 piercings, which I thought was totally awesome, but I didn't read the fine print which excluded the jewellery. It was also only per 1 piercing, so silly me thought your seconds counted as 1 not 2 piercings. So it ended up costing AU$40, because the jewellery was AU$15 each per stud. Which is pretty expensive, but hey, you pay for quality!

So I went in thinking I was going to get pierced with a piercing gun, because I got my firsts done with a piercing gun. When the piercier took out two needles, I was pretty nervous because the needle isn't small! Anyway, I put on a brave face and just did it.
It was SO painful. I think it was more painful than when I got my conch piercing. However, I do think I made it worst in my head. Like the pain was only there for the time the piercing went through, and as soon as the needle was out and the studs were in, it wasn't sore. Plus I could sleep on them and it wasn't like my conch, where it bled if I lay on it.

Overall the piercing was pretty quick and it only hurt when the needle went in. But in about an hour after my ears where pierced I didn't feel anything. They are also healing pretty fast, but obviously I'm not going to change the jewellery before the recommended healing time of 6 weeks. I'll keep you guys updated when I change the jewellery (I'll just post in the comments).

Who has has their seconds done with a needle and who has had it done with a gun? Comment below!

Oh, and you can check my experience when I got my conch pierced, just click here.

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