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Today I will be reviewing the Biore Daily Deep Pore Cleasning Wipes (AKA your normal makeup remover wipes). Now before I start this review, it's important to understand that I don't just use makeup wipes to cleanse my face. I always do a proper cleanse once I've used the wipe to get rid of most of the makeup. And since I wear full coverage waterproof makeup (mostly the foundation and mascara), I have to really wash my face to get the makeup off (if I don't use wipes beforehand).
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Bioré Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes are ideal for on-the-go cleansing. They are textured and provide gentle exfoliating action that deep cleans down to the pores. They remove oil, dirt, and make-up to reveal clean and healthy looking skin. Thoroughly wipe face and neck with cleansing wipe to deep clean, exfoliate and refresh. Use morning and night.

Ok so what makes these wipes good for me? Well, they contain green tea which instantly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup. The wipes also feature eucalyptus oil known for its antibacterial properties, so with each use your skin is left feeling clean, gently exfoliated and refreshed. They are also made from 100% natural fibres for a softer feel. The wipes are dermatologist tested, hypo-allergenic, ophthalmologist tested, non-pore clogging, and they don't have a oily residue.

They are ideal for oilier skin types. Plus the cloth is textured which makes removing makeup easier. The wipe is also quite saturated, which is great, but it does have a really strong scent. This may not be ideal for those who have very sensitive skin or who are easily irritated by scented skincare products.

I definitely found this wipe removes all my makeup, even my waterproof foundation and mascara. My skin also felt clean afterwards, but I always follow up with a proper cleanse. I would only recommend this product if you have more oilier skin that's not too sensitive. If you have used these wipes, let me know in the comments below!

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