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This blog post is a little different because instead of me sharing my experiences, I've asked two of my friends to write about their experiences when they got a tattoo! So sit back, relax and start planning your first/next tattoo!

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Experience 1: Kris

For quite some time, I thought about getting a tattoo. There are pretty ones, cool ones, happy ones, the list goes on. Just looking at them invoked something in me. Much like a painting or a song. So I finally decided to get one. But…what should I get? A question that plagued me for a year. Do I want this? Do I want that? Do I want this/that forever? I decided to go online and do the google. After months of researching I decided … I will get the tattoo in black.

Months and months later came the push that steered me in the direction of getting my first tattoo. I went through some things, and decided to incorporate the initials of those who were there for me. I also included things that I liked. Three more months (pretty much a year from when I decided that it would be in black) and I had this horrible thing on pieces of paper that I drew which I believe are called “designs” and not horrendous excuses for drawings. So I went to a professional. I did some googling to find a tattoo shop, read reviews, and decided on a place. I took in my “designs” and the artist helped me work out something that looked nicer. A month later. The image was done. Looking at the tattoo on the paper, I decided to get it on my back due to the size. I booked the appointment and we were good and in the morning at 10 O’clock it was go time.

Holy crap the pain. Why am I doing this? If I stop it now would it look so bad? Is he deliberately trying to hurt me? Halfway through this ordeal, it wasn’t so bad. It got a little boring in all honesty. I just sat there for two hours while the stranger carved my flesh. It was finally done. I looked in the mirror it was exactly as it was on paper. I was happy with the result, and six years later with three more tattoos, I am still happy with it.

Experience 2: Bradley

Let’s start off by saying, a tattoo is a personal thing. Don’t let it be anything else.

For me, choosing a design was the easy part. Yes, it took about 5 years after first seeing the artwork but that was because I needed to give myself time to dislike the artwork or for it to mean less. That never happened and so that was the design I was going with. Both of my artworks that are tattooed on my rib cages have always been something that I’ve felt a long and meaningful bond with.

Choosing the artist is probably the most difficult, or second hardest but I’ll come back to the hardest part later. A good artist costs big dollar... it’s not something you want to take a risk with, a badly done tattoo will always look bad, no matter who tries to fix it or how hard you try to remove it. Never mind, the risk of infection or disease.

The emotions on the day run pretty wild for the first time, you’re excited and nervous and the adrenaline starts pumping as soon as the sketch and tracing paper has been placed on your skin, the artist has positioned you and told you not to move.

The nerves build up as the tattoo gun starts buzzing and the artist steadies them self for the beginning.... no going back now.

The pain is not what you would expect, it’s not a sharp prick like a needle, it’s more of a dull burning or even scraping feeling. The rib cage is supposed to be one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. Quite honestly, the first hour was hardly painful as the adrenaline pumping through my veins just numbed the pain... the last hour was a whole different story. Suddenly, the dull burning turned to sharp stabbing and everything in between.

When the artist is finally done abusing you and is ready to reveal the latest masterpiece, it’s another daunting moment. Whatever they show you, you kind of have to be happy with. I mean, you can’t ask them to erase it and start again. Luckily, if you’ve chosen the right artist and taken the time to sit with them and chat about what you want you should be perfectly happy with the new addition.

The healing process is where a lot of people go wrong. You’ve spent good money on the best artist, all you have to do is keep it clean and lubed up. Every artist will give you a different method but it’s normal to keep it covered with a film for the first 24 hours and then keep applying a lubricating lotion a couple times a day. Swimming and bathing are out of the question, showers are ok but try not let the water spray the tattoo directly. It’s a worrying feeling seeing small flakes of ink peeling off and then some scabs starting to appear.

Well there you go beauties! Two experiences from my friends with tattoos. If you have any questions, just comment below. OR, if you have any experiences you want to share, let us know!

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