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Most people these days go for either multiple lobe piercings, daith piercings (which are good for managing headaches) or helix piercings. So if you thinking about getting something different I'd highly recommend getting your conch done. At first I didn't know much about conch piercings and I hadn't really thought about getting one. However, once I started looking at pictures on Pinterest (as we all do), I kinda fell in love with how quirky they are.

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The first thing I was thinking about was the pain. I have a low pain tolerance, and I thought to myself that if I could get my nose done, I should be brave enough to get my conch done. Not going to lie, but I was quite nervous. However, once again it really wasn't that bad. Like obviously it hurts for like 2 seconds when the needle goes in, but then you really don't feel much. I guess the adrenaline sorta kicks in and you just get all super excited about your new piercing. I'm even planning my next one when my conch heals. 

Now the ONLY thing that you should know before you get your conch done is that it might be hard to sleep... what I mean is (I sleep on my right side), so I got my conch done in my right ear. So while it was healing it was so hard to sleep on that side. It's been roughly a month now and I can sleep on my right side without it being too tender (it's still healing though). 

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However, if you want to speed up the healing process, don't go for a ring. Rings take longer to heal because it goes around the outside of the ear. This means your hair might get caught in it, or your clothing (when you are getting dressed/ undressed)...etc. So it's so much better to get a stud. Below is the stud that I got (top middle).

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I love these ones because they have a flat back so I never had hair getting tangled in it or any of my clothing hooking on it. This made the healing process so much better. I think the only time it really bled was on the second day and I bumped it. But other than that, it has been pretty good.

Well, there you go beauties! If you are thinking about getting one, I highly recommend them. Oh, and if you want to know anything else about my experience, just comment below. 

p.s: If you want to know about my nose piercing experience - just click here


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    1. No worries at all! Thank you for leaving a comment! :D

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