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I'm back with another review! I was given some makeup brushes from the brand, Look Good Feel Better, which are not only a makeup brush brand but also a charity. They are dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects caused by cancer treatments.

Image via: https://lgfb.org.au/just-launched-lgfb-make-up-brushes/

Woman, men and teens participate in practical workshops which cover skincare, makeup and head wear demonstrations. I honestly think that is absolutely beautiful! Plus if you buy these brushes from Priceline (Australian drug store), they will donate 15% from each sale and give it to the Look Good Feel Better charity. Which is really special because I have had someone close to me pass away from cancer.

So what did I get in the range and what did I think?

  • Mini masterclass set (consists of: eyeshading brush, foundation/concealer brush, powder/blush brush)
  • Flawless complexion sponge
  • Detailed eyeliner brush
  • Makeover brush set (consists of: powder brush, finishing brush, tapered blending brush, detailed brush)

Firstly, I was surprised at the quality of the brushes. I'm a professional makeup artist, and I would happily have these brushes in my kit. They all work well, have zero shedding (from what I can see so far), and they aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg, or your kidney for that matter. So very affordable for everyone!

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If I had to choose only one brush, I would MOST CERTAINLY grab the blending brush (which is the fourth brush from the top, in the image above). It is FANTASTIC, especially when you want to blend your eye shadow to space and beyond. I also love the beauty blender, as it blends my makeup rather nicely.

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Overall, I would love this brand and their makeup brushes! As I said I would gladly put these brushes in my professional makeup kit (they are literally there as you read this review).

Have you beauties used any of these brushes? If yes, let me know! Also don't forget to check out my social media posts and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!


  1. brushes play an important role in make up and beauty! if your have the perfect tool then you have the perfect result, love the review so far and would love to try some out.

    1. Yeah that's so true! I would definitely recommend them - especially because they are affordable and work really well!


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