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Noticed that brows are changing? I most certainly have, and I'm so glad big full brows are here and the "block" trend shape is old news.

So how can you get these full natural brows? Well, firstly it's important to know what brow products are out there and how to use them. There are five brow products currently on the market (at the time of writing this blog post). These are: pencils, gels, powders, waxes and highlighting pencils.

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  • Pencils: These are very good if you want definition. They are also good for filling in any patchiness. I would recommend that you use short, feather-like strokes (and blend, blend, blend).
  • Gels: (My favourite) So gels help to set your brows, so they don't dance around in the wind. They are great for longer brow hairs too. 
  • Powders: I would use powders if you need to create more volume, yet giving your brows a more softer look. 
  • Waxes: These are good for all-day wear and awesome if you have sparse brow hair or large gaps. 
  • Highlighting pencils: So these bad boys go under the arch of the brow (this is where the light naturally hits.  
So if you want to achieve full, but natural brows, I would a combination of gels, powders and pencils. Use a pencil to fill in the missing spaces in your brows (mine are usually at the start of my brows). Then add powder to your brows, following the natural brow line. Make sure you pick a colour that isn't too dark (or else they won't look natural). Then finish off with a brow gel to set your brows in place.

Well, there you go beauties! Let me know what you thought. Also check me out on my social media!

Comment below and let me know what your favourite brow product is!

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