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So I've been doing quite a lot of reviews lately, and so I thought I might change it up and give you some of my makeup tips that have saved the day. If you have any that I haven't mentioned, please comment below! I'm sure we can all benefit from it.

p.s I got some of these tips from a few of my favourite makeup books - Beauty Rewind by Taylor Chang-Babaian; Quick Looks Beautiful Makeup In Minutes by Rae Morris and Makeup by Liz Kelsh.

Well, lets get right into it.

1) If you want to make your eyeshadows last longer, prime the lids with a little foundation and a light dusting of powder.

2) The heavier the foundation, the lighter the powder needs to be. No need to over powder.

3) Always allow moisturiser to settle into the skin before applying any foundation, this ensures a better blend.

4) If you have quite uneven skin tones (like your forehead my be darker and your jawline lighter), pick a foundation that is in between the two tones.

5) Always prep your skin before applying foundation.

6) If you get any foundation that creeps in your fine lines (like under your eyes), gently tap the area with your ring finger. Your fingers natural heat will blend the makeup back into the skin.

7) It's very important to make sure that your primer, moisturiser, concealer and foundation are all either water-based, or oil-based. If they aren't they will separate.

8) Only use BB creams on blemish free skin. They don't provide a lot of coverage.

9) Don't apply false lashes to the full length of your lash line. They will just bring your eyes down. Instead, leave a millimetre from the outer edge of your eye.

10) If your eyes are looking tired, you can apply a creamy white eye liner in the rims of your eyes.

Well, there you go beauties! If you have a simple makeup tip, I would love to know. Just comment below!

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