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Today's blog post is all about the NYX matte lipstick range. I'm very new to the NYX brand so I haven't gotten a chance to try all their products yet. BUT, I have tried a few and I'm HOOKED! Their makeup is very professional and its definitely got the quality factor. I've added some of their products like their lip primer, butter lipsticks and now their matte lipsticks to my professional kit. If you have used some of their products I would LOVE to know!

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Right, so you're probably wondering what my thoughts are on the NYX matte lipstick range. Well beauties, I must say that I am very happy with it. It glides on easily and the shades of the lipstick are true to the colour of the lipstick. If that makes sense? Like I hate it when you buy a lipstick and it's like a rich dark purple and it comes out like a weird light pinky-purple. So the pigment is amazing with these lipsticks.

Another positive about these matte lipsticks are their amazing stay power. I can wear it for hours and it still looks like I've just applied it. I've also noticed that when I wear it, it isn't too drying and it doesn't crease or flake as much as my other matte lipsticks do.

So, there is my short review on their matte lipsticks. But wait there's more! Lets say your matte lipstick isn't working for you or it's drying out your lips.

Here is my tip:

It's very important to make sure your lips are very moist before applying a matte lipstick. I've noticed that with many girls that don't moisten their lips before applying their matte lipstick, it tends to crack and is very drying. And I know sometimes that you are in a rush and don't have time, but maybe try, before putting on your makeup apply lip balm on your lips first. Then do your makeup and only then apply your matte lipstick. Trust me, it definitely works wonders. If you have a bit more time, you can use a lip primer. NYX have a great lip primer that I would suggest.

I hope you enjoyed my review and a small tip.

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  1. Anonymous7/31/2016

    Hi! Could you please review the Covergirl Mascara? The new one - please and thank you!

    1. Hey! I actually just bought this the other day!! I'll start writing now! :D


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