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Contouring has become such a massive trend! I remember when the Australis AC on Tour first came out, and it was so popular. Other brands soon followed and now the next craze is using cream contouring products. Most of you are still figuring out how to use powdered contouring products, however today I'm going to give you some tips on how to use cream contouring products. If you would like me to do a blog post on powdered contouring- just comment below and I'll comment back.

So what do we do first? Well you want to moisturise your face (as per normal), then apply a light layer of foundation on your face. For those of you that love full coverage, try and hold back. (This is because you need to be able to build product on top of your foundation).

Next you want to start with your cream highlighter. Pick the best one depending on your skin tone and draw a upside down triangle (with the base under your eye and the point of the triangle levelled with the tip of your nose). Colour in the triangle with your chosen highlighter.

Thirdly, apply a small amount of highlighter to the middle of your forehead in the shape of a triangle. This time the point of the triangle is in between your eyes, and the base by the top of your forehead.

Continue highlighting by applying a small amount down the length of your nose, and then highlight along your jawline.

Ok the highlight is done! Yay- give yourself a clap!

Now, the contour!

Take a contouring brush, and apply the darker shade across the top of your forehead, temples, along the sides of your nose and in the hollows of your cheeks (underneath the cheekbones).

With a slightly damp blending sponge, blend the highlighter out using a gentle dabbing technique. You need to blend and blend and blend the contour shade up onto your cheeks. I would use a kabuki brush for best results.

Then you want to soften the look and set it. I would use a large powder brush with a bit of translucent powder and dust that all over your face.

To finish, add some bronzer onto your cheeks using an angled brush, then finish the look with a setting spray.

Well, there you have it! I hope your looks turned out just the way you wanted! If not, then practice and practice and practise. :D

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