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Most of us have circles around our eyes, and some of those circles are dark! What if we could hide them away? Well, I've come to the rescue, and I'm going to tell you exactly how to cover up dark eye circles. How cool does that sound? "Goodbye dark eye circles! I'm not going to miss you at all. Except when I want to be a zombie- which isn't something I'm aiming for at this point!"

So, where do we start? Well first you need to apply your primer around your eyes- this will definitely help the concealer to be applied smoothly and stay on. Then you want to use a colour correcting concealer to even out skin tone under the eyes. If you have never heard of a colour correcting concealer then read the bullet points below.

  • Yellow - To camouflage purple/ blue undertones. 
  • Green -  To neutralise redness. 
  • Salmon -  To counteract dark spots. 
  • Purple - To eliminate yellow undertones.

Once you have decided on what colour correcting concealer you need, you want to apply it underneath your eyes. I generally will apply it in a triangle shape (with the base of the triangle underneath my eyes, and the tip of the triangle levelled with the tip of my nose). Make sure that you bend out the edges of the triangle. Next apply your foundation all over your face, making sure to blend around the eyes. You can do this either before you have completed your eye makeup or after. I will always do my eye makeup first. This is because if I have any fallout (loose shadow that falls on your cheeks) I can clean it up. 

It's also a great idea to apply a light finishing powder to help set the foundation. I generally will use a small powder brush and delicately dab product in place, and then I'll lightly brush the area to get rid of any loose excess powder. 

So which products do I use? Well, for a primer I used the Revlon Photo Ready Anti Shine Balm. I also use the Nude by Nature Mineral Cover- which I absolutely love. Lastly, I use the Models Prefer Unbelievale Colour Correcting Concealer and the Kryolan Concealer Wheel to colour correct any uneven skin tones under my eyes.  What products do you use? Put them in the comments below! 

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