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I am very excited to start 2016 with a product review! This one is definitely worth a mention. Late last year I did a blog post on fake tanning. So I decided to take my own advice along with some hardcore fake tanners, and try out fake tan. FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was nervous and excited and hoping to death I wouldn't turn out orange.


My friend Ash (another awesome makeup artist) told me that I had to try St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse. It was the best decision in the whole entire world. I am not a carrot. I have the most amazing natural fake tan. So many of my friends have commented on my bronzed look and thought I just had been to the beach.

So why do I love this fake tan?

Firstly, it doesn't leave you orange. My tan looked so natural. Literally it was like a nice bronzed brown colour. And when I washed it off the next day it blended so well with my natural skin.

Secondly, it doesn't stain your hands (I used their mitt)- awesome too by the way. It helps the fake tan blend nicely with your natural skin tone, without leaving any streaks. I basically put the mousse on the mitt and in circular motions rubbed it all over my body.

Thirdly, the smell isn't unbearable. When you put the tan on, it actually smells really nice. The only strange, but bearable smell is when it's drying over night (I usually do my tan after I have showered and exfoliated, and then wash it off the next morning). So you kinda have to sleep with the smell.

Fourthly, my tan has been on for a week and I have no patchiness, other than where my bra sits as that rubs off the tan. I would definitely make sure that you moisturise when you have fake tan on, because it does dry out your skin, which in turn will leave "cracked" parts of fake tan.

I'm giving this tan like a 10/10. I will never use any other fake tan as I am literally in love with this one. I promise you won't be at all disappointed if you buy it.

Let me know if you have bought this fake tan, or if you have any other awesome fake tans! Comment below- I'd love to know.

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