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Imagine a world with no pimples, no blemishes, no redness or dark eye circles. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately most of us have the occasional blemish, dark circles under our eyes or redness on our cheeks, chin and nose. As much as those sound horrible, we are lucky to have products that have been invented to conceal those flaws. The next challenge is in understanding how to effectively use those products to conceal and create a flawless base. 

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Cleanse and moisturise

How do we create a flawless base? Step one is having a completely cleansed and moisturised face. Using a cleanser first and then a moisturiser will make sure your face is clean and that there is no dirt on the surface of your skin. Secondly it’s important to remove all the oils off your face, especially on your eyelids, as they are the oiliest part.


The next step is VERY important. You need to prime your face. Priming your face will ensure a smooth surface for the foundation to go on and it will fill any pores or lines on your face. I suggest using a silicon-based primer such as the Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti Shine Balm or if you don’t want to use a silicon-based primer, then you can try a creamy-based primer like the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. 
Colour correct and conceal

Once the primer is all absorbed and your face is dry, you want to study your face. Sounds weird, but it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you want to conceal and whether you have any redness, blemishes or dark circles.  If you do have dark circles, I suggest using an orange/yellow-based concealer like the Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Dark Circles Corrector.  It is also important to make sure you aren’t rubbing under your eyes, because with time this will cause wrinkles. I suggest using a liquid concealer for this application. If you have redness you want to use a green-based concealer like the Physicians Formula Twin 2in1 correct and cover. For the common pimple you can use a cake-based concealer. I suggest using the L’oreal Paris Infallible Concealer. This application must be used in a dubbing fashion. If you wipe the product over the pimple it will come off.


For this next step you can step back and see if there are any other blemishes you may have missed or redness that is peeking through the concealer. If you are happy with your work, you can move onto either a liquid or powdered foundation. Generally each brand will have a liquid foundation for each skin type (oily, combination, normal). When applying a liquid foundation, I would suggest using a foundation brush. Sometimes you may get “foundation streaks” but they are easy to blend out using a stippling brush. In order to make your foundation last, I suggest applying a translucent powder such as the Numasque Talc Free Setting Powder. However, if you don’t like using a liquid foundation, I suggest using a powder. When you apply powder make sure you use a brush specifically for powder, and that you apply it in a circular motion.

There you have it, a flawless base every time. Just make sure you know what products to use and what you want to conceal. 

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