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We have reached the subject of fake tanning, a trend that been around since 1908. Woman have been fake tanning for decades, so surly we should know how to do it, right? To be honest, even I don't know how to do it. In fact, I've only fake tanned once. Wasn't a pretty sight.

So, because it's heading towards Summer in Australia, and we all love a bit of fake tan- I went out and asked my tanning friends what the secrets are to getting a perfect even tan.

Secret number one. "It is VERY important to prep." That four letter word. Prep Prep Prep. Most of the people I spoke to, prepped for their fake tan the night before. They did this by either shaving or waxing. I also learnt that it's very important to do this step BEFORE not AFTER the tanning application, because shaving/ waxing will remove the fake tan. A friend of mine also suggested that you should give your body a good all-over scrub, then apply some body lotion generously over a couple of days to ensure that your skin is all smooth and hydrated. Places where you should be applying lots of body lotion are: knees, elbows and heels. This is where the developed fake tan tends to stain and clump (doesn't sound very attractive does it).

Another important step in the fake tanning world is to not use anything oil based on your skin before tanning, as it will act like a barrier and prevent an even application. It's also very important to protect those little pores of yours. "When you hop into the shower wait at least half an hour after you shower, then you can apply tan. I found that if I didn't wait, my open pores were brown. So definitely wait for them to close."

"Also don't forget to add a mitt to your kit." Some very helpful advice I received. They are usually designed with two different sides. One side is coarse (for stubborn removal) and a finer side (for gentle removal and pre tan prep). Oh look, there it is- PREP. I can't say how important this word is. OH, and I thought this secret was funny, but apparently don't use different brands at the same time. You may be different shades of brown.

Prepping, open pores, mitts and strains!? If you are a first timer like me, you may be slightly overwhelmed. Don't panic! I suggest you start small. That's what I did. I grabbed myself a gradual tanning product with a lower DHA (tanning agent), so if you make a mistake- no one will really notice (thank goodness).

So I've supplied you with some tips... what else am I missing? Oh thats right, the different fake tanning products on the market that have made a good name for themselves. Here is the list that I have heard are excellent for fake tanning.

  • Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam
  • Le Tan Foaming Mousse 
  • J Bronze Dark Tanning Mousse 
  • Minetan Ash Onyx Foam 
  • St. Tropez Express Mousse 
  • Vita Liberata Tinted Tan Mousse Rapid
  • Models One Hour Tan 

Well advanced/ beginner tanners there you have it. I think I did relatively well on my quest to find everything about fake tanning, or mostly everything.


  1. Wow! Best post. I want to do tanning perfectly. If you have tanning tips, please share with me. waiting

  2. Nice post. I want to do tanning perfectly. If you have tanning tips, please share with me.
    Thank you


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