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I've been asked to do a eyeliner tutorial for some lovely ladies, and I'm sure you beauties will benefit too. There are three kinds of eyeliner: Gel, liquid and pencil. They all have different effects and it's really up to you to decide what you want to do. Generally if you are starting out, using a pencil is a lot easier than a liquid eyeliner. So I'm going to give you some advice regarding these three types of products and what they are all about. Also you can skip to the last section to read about two of my favourite looks that you can do with eyeliner.
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This is a great starting point! If you want a smudgy, smokey affect use a eyeliner pencil. Now these pencils tend to be more chunky and they generally apply thicker lines than gel or liquid eyeliners. You can easily smudge them using your finger, angled brush or a cotton bud. If you don't have a pencil, you can always use a black eyeshadow and apply it with an angled brush.

Now, if you want pencil eyeliners- that are good- don't just buy the cheapest one. Sometimes they will come off during the day, or "crease" on your eyelid. I always do my research when I am about to buy a pencil eyeliner. Oh, and if you want to apply it on your waterline, use a waterproof one.


Liquid is slightly harder because you have to get it "clean." If you want the winged look use a liquid liner because it creates that perfect "flick." There are lots of different sizes of liquid eyeliners. So for a bold look you should go for a liquid eyeliner that is thicker, and for a everyday thin winged out look use a thinner liquid eyeliner. You should also look for a liquid eyeliner that is smudge proof and waterproof. However, make sure that you have a good makeup remover. Once liquid liner dries (if it's good quality) it's fairly hard to get off. A tip: don't use wipes on your eyes. Why? Well the constant rubbing will cause the skin under and above your eyes to "stretch" and this will give you wrinkles when you are older.


Alright, we are onto the gel eyeliner. I find gel eyeliner quite a challenge, especially when you are starting to use gel's for the first time. This is because once it has dried it's often is a lot harder to get off or correct. However, there are ways around making gel eyeliner easy to use. I always map out the area using a pencil eyeliner. If you are confident with your gel eyeliner skills you don't have to map out the area, because it does take extra time. When you apply the gel eyeliner I usually use an angled brush. Make sure the brush is VERY thin. I would also start in the middle of the mobile lid and work my way outwards. Generally this helps for me, especially when I'm creating that winged look.

The winged look

This is such a classic and versatile look. It can be worn either in the day or the night. It is a little challenging at first, but practice makes perfect- right? To master this look at home, try leaning your head back while looking in the mirror to get the best view of your lash line. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to draw as close to your lash line as possible, then aim the otter flick in the direction of the end of your eyebrow to get the right angle. Keep your head tilted back while the eyeliner dries.

The smokey look

This is one of my favourite looks, and it can be super tempting to just go crazy with the pencil liner. However, if you get this look wrong it looks like you have given yourself a bruised eye. To achieve this look, without looking like bruises, draw all the way around your eyes and onto your lashes with the pencil liner. Then smudge it out softly with a cotton bud.

Well, thats everything I know about liner (at the moment). Do you beauties have any tips? Or YouTube videos that are super awesome to watch about eyeliner?

Well, I hope you beauties benefited from this tutorial. Once again, if you have any requests or anything you would like to know/ learn about just leave a comment.


  1. Anonymous9/22/2015

    Hi! Do you think you could do a post on the best way to remove make up (such as eyeliner) without damaging the skin around the eyes - as you say it may cause wrinkles with age. So it would be really helpful to know how to effectively remove makeup without causing wrinkles :)

    1. Hi! Of course I can :D I'll start writing it ASAP. Oh and THANK YOU so much for commenting! I hope you are enjoying my blog :D

  2. Replies
    1. Aww! Thank you for your comment! What is your favourite eyeliner to use?


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