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Today we are going to talk about false eyelashes! You can completely alter your eye makeup with just a lash. Pretty powerful huh? But, we need to know how to apply them, or you may look rather interesting. Lets begin. False eyelashes 101.

First things first. The all mighty eyelash glue. Most eyelashes are sold with a complementary eyelash glue. However, I would recommend you buy a tube of professional eyelash glue. I usually use the eyelash glue by Model Rock. So there are three types of eyelash glue. Standard glue, waterproof and higher strength and black eyelash glue.

Standard glue is white and dries clear; waterproof and higher strength glue is also what and dries clear (needed for heavier lashes); black eyelash glue is used when creating the smoky eye look or using black liquid liner.

Now that we have sorted out glue, there are three kinds of lashes, natural lashes, lux lashes, and high-impact lashes.

Natural lashes are used for all eye shapes, for lifting the eyes and opening the eye more. You need to make sure that you cut the lashes to fit your eye shape. Remember when I posted on my #makeupschooltips (via Twitter) - you need to cut from the inner part of the lashes (the end that is closest to your nose), not the end that is closest to your ears. If that makes sense.

Lux lashes is known as the eye openers. The best way to open your eyes is to apply lashes at both the top and the bottom. And yes, this is quite the challenge. I'll share some of my tips that I learnt from Rae Morris. She apples all the single bottom lashes first (after applying mascara). Now there are two ways of applying bottom lashes- you can either apply the glue under the false lash then stick the lashes on top of your natural lash, or you can apply the glue on top of the false lash and then apply it under your natural lash. It's important according to Rae Morris that you wait for the glue to dry before applying the top lashes. When you apply the single lashes on the top, I would suggest mostly putting them in the outer corners. This gives your eyes a sexy look. Oh la la.

Lashly, high-impact lashes. Did someone just say hectic? Yeah these babies have the I'm-a-celebrity vibe. These lashes are great for anyone who is game to wear them, larger sized eyes and Asian eyes. Because these lashes are heavy you need to use the waterproof/ higher strength glue. Now if you don't have heaps of natural lashes, you shouldn't really wear these. (There isn't any support).

What do you think? What lashes do you wear and what is your favourite?


  1. Anonymous6/22/2015

    Model rock eyelashes and their eyelash glue lasts for ages! My false lashes lasted the whole day! Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Yeah I wear them all the time! They are definitely worth the money :) Oh, and thanks for viewing my blog- if you have any questions or advice or anything. Keep commenting :D

  2. Hello,
    Very nice post. I liked the information you have provided regarding modelrock lashes. Keep posting. Thank you too much........

    1. No worries at all! Thanks so much for being a reader!! :D Also if there is anything you would like to know - just comment below!

  3. I needed new mascara so I bought all three of these today. I have been layering with three different mascaras for yrs. I have blonde lashes and hard to see if I don't use mascara. I use coconut oil to remove my mascara, will try the sesame oil soon. Thanks! I'm excited to try these! Eyelash Extensions

    1. I'm so glad you are excited! False lashes are AMAZING! Let me know how you go! :)


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