Hey beauties! :)

Tired of your brows dancing on your face? Well, keep reading and I'll help put them in place.

Step 1: Determine where your brow should start

  •  Place a brush vertically along the side of your nose, (slightly outside the corner of the inner eye).

Step 2: Determine where your arch should be

  • The arch should begin above the outside of the pupil.

Step 3: Determine where your brow should end

  • Place a brush diagonally from the nose to the end of your eye. 
  • The brow should end at the point the brush ends.
HINT: For close-set eyes- start brows farther away from the bridge of the nose. For wide-set eyes, start them closer to the bridge. 

According to Taylor Chang-Babaian you should "cut, tweeze and step away"


  • Always cut hairs against the growth.
  • Look for scissors with small blades (you wouldn't want to over pluck now would you?).


  • This happens above and below the brow (I use two types of tweezers).
  • Use a white eyeliner to determine the tweezing area. 

Step away (very important)

  • It's important to check your brows and see how they frame your eyes. 

What process do you use to pluck those dancing brows? If you use a different process, comment below- I'd love to learn something too! Oh and please subscribe to my blog! It's totally with it :D

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