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Today I decided I had to do a blog about makeup counter cleanliness. I see it day in and day out. People lining their waterline with eyeliner, applying mascara directly to their lashes and lipgloss being smeared on their lips.

We all shop at department beauty stores, why? Because we can get amazing liquid eyeliners, beautiful blushes, flawless foundation and perfect lashes at affordable prices.

HOWEVER. The makeup store counter can house tons of bacteria, putting you at risk for many viral bacterial infections, including sties and conjunctivitis.

The best ideal way to test colours and textures is on the back of your hand whenever possible. However, if you MUST try something on, follow these rules to greatly reduce the likelihood of infection. I have used some of Taylor Chang- Babaian's tips from her book "Style Eyes".

Rule #1

  • Don't double dip disposable mascara wands.  

Rule #2

  • Sharpen all eye pencils. 

Rule #3

  • To test eyeshadow, use a cotton swab or disposable sponge to wipe off the grimy top layer from the display tester. 

Rule #4

  • To test a brush, request a clean one and wipe it on a clean tissue to ensure it hasn't been used. 

Rule #5

  • Scrape off the top layer from concealer tubes with a makeup scraper and discard. 

I hope that this helps in keeping you germ-free when trying on all the beauty products! If you have had any issues with this at a store, I'd love to know.


  1. Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. No worries at all! I'm glad my tips are in some way helpful! If you would like any other tips or advice I'm happy to help! :)


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