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I was gifted with some Thin Lizzy makeup and skincare to test out and review. In this blog post I will be reviewing the Thin Lizzy face makeup (the concealer, foundation and 6 in 1 powder). In my following blogs to come I will be reviewing the skincare and the lip products. 

The very first time I had heard about Thin Lizzy was at a beauty advisor's product knowledge night that I was invited to. Back then the brand brought out a 6 in 1 powder and a concealer. The packaging back then was blue and silver, so it's refreshing to see that Thin Lizzy has had a face lift. I definitely prefer the new look! 

Continue reading if you want to know what I thought about these three products!

Firstly for those of you that have never heard of the brand here is a little snippet from their website. 

About Us: Created in NZ in 2005, Thin Lizzy makeup was developed with a simple mission: "Create and make accessible high quality 'best of the best' products that can be used by anyone, at any age, on any income - because everybody should have the opportunity to look good and feel glamorous." Our Auckland based makeup chemist and a team of specialists have spent years perfecting the Thin Lizzy range, trialing, testing and analyzing each product in order to create the phenomenon that is Thin Lizzy today. Since launching, the range has expanded from the versatile 6in1 compact to include, mineral foundations, concealer crèmes, eye pencils, lip gloss and bronzer. Now a favourite with professional makeup artists Thin Lizzy is used on sets internationally. Thin Lizzy is proud to be the makeup of choice within the prestigious Auckland and Christchurch based makeup schools, The Makeup School. 

Lets get started! 

Concealer Creme

The concealer cream was the first product that I had tried from the Thin Lizzy range, and it's still one of my favourites. I mostly use this concealer for my blemishes or if I have any uneven skin tone. You can use this concealer either on your face or your body. You only need to use a small amount because a little bit of this goes a long way. 

This concealer is also great for covering unwanted tattoos, instead of buying Dermablend which is a little more expensive. If you are going to be covering up a tattoo I would layer this concealer. So first apply a thin layer of the concealer and dab it in, followed by some setting powder. Then continue this until you have the desired results.

Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation

I'd never tried any of the Thin Lizzy liquid foundations so I was quite excited to give it a go. Lets just say that this foundation really covers everything. It's really great if you want a full coverage foundation without looking too cakey or heavy. 

I applied this foundation on with their flawless complexion sponge (also known as a beauty blender) to create a nice dewy look. Make sure you wet the sponge before and squeeze out the excess water. The sponge should expand. I pumped the foundation straight onto the sponge. 

The foundation is really hydrating too, especially on my cheeks (I'm always dry there). If you don't want a full coverage/ dewy foundation, you can always just apply a small amount of this foundation with a stippling brush, and then go in with a mattifying powder. 

6 in 1 Professional Powder Compact

I think this was the first product I had ever heard of when Thin Lizzy was created. I just remember it being advertised on TV as being a 6 in 1 powder, which sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately this powder is too dark for me. 

However, in saying that it makes for the perfect contour shade for your cheeks forehead, jawline and nose, as well as a very nice neutral eyeshadow shade. I think if you wanted to be more bronze this powder would be perfect for you. 

Well beauties, I hope you loved my review on the Thin Lizzy makeup products. I will be posting a review on their skincare and lip products in the next coming posts. Make sure to follow me on Facebook for the releases of these posts! Have you used any Thin Lizzy? Comment below and tell me what you thought!

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