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I decided that it was about time to get another piercing, since they are kinda addictive. One day I'll stop... one day. So I looked up on Pinterest (as you do) to find my next piercing. I was tossing up between either another conch on my left ear or a daith piercing on my left. For those that don't know what a daith piercing is, it's a piercing through the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear, right at the point where the outer ridge that runs along the top of your ear connects to your inner ear, just above the ear canal.

The image is of a healed daith piercing. (Not mine)

I decided to go with a daith because I remember the healing process of my conch and didn't want to go through that again. Once I knew what I wanted I booked in at my local salon with my friend Shani (who enjoys stabbing me). 

I was quite nervous before the piercing so I decided to go for a quick shopping trip to take my mind off the pain. I told myself that I wasn't going to back out, even though I was freaking out. I made the mistake of watching all the YouTube videos of other people's experiences, which made it out to be such a painful piercing. 

IT WAS NOT AT ALL! I think between my seven piercings this one was the least painful (or Shani is an absolute pro) - which is why I will only let her pierce me. I went to another salon once and I wouldn't do it again! I almost fainted from the pain at my last one and they were only my seconds. 

Anywho, you literally only feel a quick sting and then the pain suddenly disappears. I was wondering why in the world I was freaking out so much? I didn't even feel the jewellery going in! The only pain I felt was about 4 hours after the piercing. It was a lot like this build up of pressure where the daith was sitting, which makes sense because it's pierced through a pressure point (commonly known to help with headaches and migraines). I'm yet to find out if they really work... 

Sleeping on the piercing wasn't bad at all. I could sleep on it the whole night and I had no pain in the morning. I think this is the case because the piercing is inside the ear and not like the conch where it is pierced through the ear. 

Once the piercing heals I'm going to get a full ring, as Shani put a horeshoe piercing in first. I'm still deciding if I want it to be silver or black (which is the one I have now). Decisions, decisions... 

Well, that's my experience with getting my daith pierced. I will update you guys on how I go with the healing process and any new jewellery (but that will be for a while still). 

Do you guys have a daith piercing? Let me know! What should my next piercing be? (Even though the boyfriend says that's all I need). We both know thats not going to happen... ;)

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