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This year I would go makeup crazy for Christmas, but I've learn't that I don't have to have all the makeup that is made in the world. I end up not using half of the products and they just take up space in my room. 

So this year all I want for Christmas and my birthday combined is a ring light. I've been wanting one for ages, I just haven't been able to afford one. I've bought 2 huge soft box lights from eBay which were about $50.00 and I thought they would do the trick. However, my room is too small for the distance I need to have them not blinding me. Which is why I thought a ring light would be perfect. You can dim the lights and it's portable. Plus most bloggers use them for their YouTube videos. 

So there have been a few ring lights I've been looking at, based on user reviews and price. I've listed the ring lights below from the most expensive to the least expensive. I've copied and pasted the descriptions DIRECTLY from the website. 

Image via: Spectrum Aurora
LUVO GlowPRO 2 19" Ring Light


The Classic 19” Ring Light is the perfect companion for all professionals such as photographers, freelancers or anyone who works on-the-go and seeks stylish, high quality, lightweight and portable lighting. Featuring the 1-100% adjustable 550K LED lights provides impeccable, even, studio-quality illumination for photography or flawless application!

With interchangeable white and yellow filter/diffusers and adaptable pan head and stand, means you can personalise and customise lighting colour at different heights and angles that compliments your environment. Not only will it look stylish and enhance your expertise, it’s hero constant current drive means it operates a long service life of more than 50,000 hours (LIT for days!).

The Classic 19” Ring Light Package includes:

  •  1x LUVO Classic 19” Ring Light
  •  1x Power cord
  •  1x Adjustable and Foldaway Stand
  •  1x White Interchangeable Filter/diffuser
  •  1x Warm Orange Interchangeable Filter/diffuser
  •  1x Power Cable
  • 1x FREE Camera and Smartphone Adaptor (RRP $39.99)
  • 1x FREE LUVO Carry Bag (RRP $59.99)

Makeup and Glow Pro LED 18" Complete Ring Light Set


The unit is best used reasonably close up to your subject with the camera mounted in the center of the ring.

The beautiful soft light glow is designed to surround the subject, filling in all shadows by pointing at the subject from every angle. The ring light also has a very unique effect as a catch light. The circular "halo" illumination will be reflected in your subject's eyes.

12 month warranty on electrics
Color: 240 LED 
Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K. 
Size:18 inch. 
CRI: 95
Illumination : 4500 LM

Each Makeup and Glow Pro Ring Light Set Includes: 
1 x Round Set LED ring lights (Dimmable)
1 x Diffuser light adapters (click on and off attachments)
1 x Color temperature adapters (click on and off attachments)
1 x Power cord
1 x Tripod
1 x Carry bag
1 x Ball head 
1 x Phone holder 
1 x Adapter  

Embellir 19 inch 5600K Dimmable Diva LED Ring Light Diffuser Stand Make Up Studio SL


Suitable for mounting both DSLR and smart phone cameras with the supplied holders, our 19"Ring Light provides adequate diffused lighting with the ability to vary the intensity of the 480 LED bulbs with the dimmer switch. With the dimmer, you can control light intensity and colour temperature of between 3200K and 5600K to get your preferred lighting and accurate hues for the subject matter.

The 5800 Lumens Ring Light fits easily on any standard camera stand and is height adjustable from 85cm to 200cm with a 3600 rotatable use. The Light also comes with a bonus double-sided mirror to assist with makeup, and a carry bag for easy transportation.

* 19"ring
* 480 LED bulbs
* Adjustable brightness
* Adjustable colour temperature
* Frosted surface for soft lighting
* 360 degree rotation and up/down adjustable
* Adjustable height from 85cm to 200cm
* Comes with phone holder and camera holder
* Bonus double sided mirror and carry bag
* Easy to operate

* Light: LED SMD
* LED bulbs quantity: 480pcs
* Outer diameter: 19"/ 48.5cm
* Power: 35 - 65W
* Colour temperature: 3200k - 5600k
* Dimming range: 1% - 100%
* Total illumination: 5800LM
* Colour Rendering Index (CRI): >95
* Adaptor: Universal
* Colour: Silver

Package Content
1 x 19" RIng Light
1 x Aluminium Light Stand
1 x Australian Adaptor
1 x Phone Holder
1 x Camera Holder
1 x Double-Sided Mirror
1 x Carry Bag

There are my top three ring lights. If you have used any that I haven't mentioned, please comment below. 

Oh, and make sure the ring light is dimmable. 
*prices correct as per November 2018*

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