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I still have lots to learn as a qualified MUA (makeup artist). Which is why I love learning from other MUA's, both pro and beginner, and soaking up all their makeup tips and tricks. Here are a few makeup tips I swear by.

  • It's always important to match your foundation to your decolletage, not your neck. 

Image via: maccosmetics (Instagram)
  • When you apply blush, don't do it while smiling. Instead imagine a line from the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear, where the natural contour would sit. Now the blush goes directly above that imaginery line.
Image via: morphebrushes (Instagram)
  • If you want to avoid aging yourself more (if you are mature aged), don't use frosty eyeshadow right under the eyebrow bone. When we age our bones become prominent, so if you put frosty eyeshadow there, it will make your eyelids look puffy. 
  • If you are finding that your makeup is patchy by the end of the day, it's probably because you have mixed oil and water-based products on your face. This makes the foundation separate. So try and use everything that is water-based, even your moisturiser. Another reason for your makeup being patchy is over powdering, generally more so when the skin is really oily. The oilier the skin, the more the foundation is going to stick to it. So try and blot first, and then powder. 
  • Primer is a must. It helps to prolong your foundation and it creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation. 
Image via: Benefitcosmetics (Instagram)
  • If you want your lipstick to last throughout the day. I would use a lipliner first by colouring in and lining your whole lip. Then apply your favourite lipstick over the top. 
  • I always apply a bit of foundation (very lightly), and set it with a bit of powder, on my eyelids before I apply my eyeshadow. Another option is an eyeshadow primer. This prevents my eyeshadow from creasing!

Image via: urbandecaycosmetics (Instagram)
Well my beauties! There are a few makeup tips that I swear by. If you others, please leave a comment!

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