Hey Beauties! :D

Today I won't be reviewing any beauty products or giving you tips and tricks, instead I thought I'd share five things about me. I got this idea while reading a Priceline Trend Report. So here goes!

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? In the busy suburbs of Brisbane.

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR WORK? I work as a beauty advisor, and soon to be hosting my own makeup workshops!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MAKEUP LOOK AND WHY? I love the natural makeup look, with a hint of lip colour. It's quick and easy and you look flawless and ready for the day.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE OFF-DUTY FASHION LOOK? I love wearing my high waisted shorts with a tucked in white singlet. Nice and relaxed.

WHAT THREE PRODUCTS CAN YOU NOT DO WITHOUT? I have to have foundation, powder and mascara.

Well my beauties, I hope you got to learn something about me. If you have any other questions, please post below! I'd love to answer them!!

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