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Did you know I have a massive wig collection? (Well, not like 1000's, but certainly more than the average person). I usually buy wigs when I'm going to costume parties or when I do character makeup.

I have used quite a few wig brands, mainly Fever Wigs. However I have discovered Rockstar Wigs. I bought them from an online alternative store called Beserk. Anyway, I thought I might share how I store and wash my wigs as well as review my new Rockstar Wig.

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The wig I will be reviewing is the cranberry one (image below). Now this wig proved to be exceptionally popular! I had to wait for it because it was sold out online for weeks. However, a few weeks of waiting paid off and it came back into stock. The next day, sold out! So I was very lucky to grab one.

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Anyway, the wig itself feels so luxurious. It actually feels like real hair (but they aren't), and they are SO comfortable to wear. The only thing is, in summer when its VERY humid, you kinda sweat heaps (on your head), because the wig is so thick. So I'll probably only wear it during the cooler summer days or mostly in winter.

I also found that it didn't itch like some cheap wigs do. Which is awesome, because no one likes scratching their head all the time (kinda looks like you might have lice)... no thank you. I guess the only negative would be the price. I got the wig for AU$80.00 which is quite a bit for a wig. However, you are paying for quality, so I felt the wig was priced right.

Overall, I'm like super happy with the wig and I'm definitely going to buy other styles. The one I'm looking at getting is this one! (How TOTALLY beautiful is it)!!! It is unfortunately out of stock so I'm just crossing my fingers that it comes back into stock soon!

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The next part of this blog is more about how I store and wash my wigs! 

How do I store my wigs?

  • I usually leave it in the box it came in, and I always make sure it's wrapped in the hair net. However, sometimes I want to display my wigs and so I use a wig head. 

How do I wash my wigs?
  • Firstly, I use a wide tooth comb for my straight wigs. Most of my curly wigs are untangled by hand so I don't damage the curls. 
  • I then fill my basin with cold water and mix in a bit of gentle shampoo and conditioner. I usually leave my wig in for 5 mins to soak. 
  • Rinsing is always important, and so is drying them. I always make sure not to rub my wigs because that will cause the wig to get tangled. So pat dry your wigs to make sure they don't get tangled. 
  • I then place the towel dried wig on a wig stand to dry. 

Do you guys wear any wigs? If so, let me know and where you buy them from!

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