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I'm so excited to tell you about this amazing foundation from Nude by Nature. I have always been a huge fan of the brand and so I thought I better try their newest foundation. So what are my thoughts on the flawless foundation?
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Before we get into what I thought, this is the description from Nude by Nature:

It provides a smooth and flawless finish but looks like a second skin thanks to the natural pigments that act in seamless affinity with the complexion. It has four main ingredients (bamboo powder, boabab fruit extract, kakadu plum and lilly pilly).

  • Bamboo powder - Soft focus properties 
  • Baobab fruit extract - Skin softening
  • Kakadu plum - Richest source of vitamin C
  • Lilly pilly - Antioxidant benefits 

Key features and benefits

  • No synthetic ingredients or silicons
  • Reveals your true complexion at its best
  • Long wearing 
  • Oil free and fragrance free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dermatologist tested 

The foundation also is creamy in texture and you can build it up from medium to full coverage. It's also long wearing (it lasted throughout the day) and it's oil free! It also gives like a satin matte finish which makes you look nice and natural! Another amazing thing, is there are 10 shades! So you are bound to have a colour matches that your complexion!! (I wear W4- Soft Sand)

So how do you apply it? Here is a tutorial I found on the Nude by Nature YouTube channel that shows you how- enjoy!

Let me know in the comments if you have used this foundation! Also if you want to know what else I'm loving, just check out my social media accounts.


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    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you found my blog useful!!

  2. nice post

  3. Thank you for reviewing and explaining about product ingredients and compositions in your article. I’ve never tried this product before but after reading your post it sounds good and effective. I’ll give it a try and wanna see how it work for me.

    1. Yeah it’s really awesome!! I’m sure you are going to LOVE it!! :)


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