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I have to tell you about the best brow product I have ever used in my entire life! It's called the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint- AKA THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED. 

So you maybe thinking, "Chee Cas, you are really super excited about this, why?" What a great question! I've made a list just for you, and I'm sure you are going to be buying this as soon as you have subscribed to my blog... hahah just jokes... I mean as soon as you have read my review! ;)

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Why do I love this brow product? 
  • It lasts for 3 days (that means you don't have to sacrifice your beauty sleep- you can sleep in!).
  • You can watch Netflix while it dries. Now you can leave it on for minimum of 20 minutes or a maximum of 2 hours. I tried doing 20 minutes first, then on the next application I did 1 hour and then I tried 2 hours. I have to say my brows lasted longer than 3 days when I did it for 2 hours! 
  • There are 4 different shades -light brown, medium brown, dark brown and grey brown. I use the dark brown because my brows are dark brown (obviously). 
This is the colour I use
  • There isn't much of a scent - which is good for those who don't like using beauty products with a smell.
  • It looks really natural, even though when you first apply the product (it's pretty dark), but when you peel it off, it's nowhere near the colour when the tint dries. 
  • It doesn't pull out your eyebrows, when peeling the tint off.

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What you might find hard/ challenging:

  • Getting the shape of your brows right at first maybe a challenge. But the more you do it the better you get. 
  • If you have really full/ bushy brows, you may find that the tint (when it's dry), doesn't come off in one piece. It's more like little bits (but it's not too bad).
Overall, this is the best brow product I have EVER used. I have already gone through a whole tube, and I've already bought my next one!!

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