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I often get asked what is the difference between using a makeup brush to apply your foundation verses a makeup sponge (also known as a beauty blender). I always say that it really depends on the look you want to achieve. 

Image via: ecotools (Instagram)

  • You can apply both creams and powder foundations.
  • They are more hygienic and easy to clean (if you clean them regularly).

Image via: ecotools (Instagram)
  • Best for applying cream foundation.
  • Use it damp as it provides a more flawless coverage and won't suck up most of the foundation. 

A tip from Rae Morris (Australian Makeup Artist)

Make sure you clean not only your brushes regularly, but also your sponges. Lavender oil and tea tree are great natural antibacterial and antimicrobial solutions that can be made at home, or try adding lavender oil to your brush cleaner for a refreshing scent.

Image via: beautyblender (Instagram)
  • You can apply your foundation using a brush and then blend it with a sponge to create the perfect flawless coverage. 

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