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Even the best applied makeup can slip off here and there. So how can we touch up our makeup without applying more makeup to our existing makeup? Just follow these steps (in order), to be perfectly touched up! *I used the Complete Beauty Bible book to help me write this blog post*

Image via: esteelauder (Instagram)
  • So if you have oily skin I would recommend using blotting paper/ tissues to blot off the excess oils. Blotting basically means "tapping" your face. (It's like hi-five-ing your face). Don't rub! 
  • Remove all your lipstick. If you apply new lipstick over old lipstick, it's just going to be cakey and thick. Make sure you also apply a layer of lipbalm if you have dry lips.
  • Once you have removed all the excess oils on your skin. Take a fresh sponge and smooth out all the foundation, blush and contour (if you have dry skin or normal skin, you should follow this step too).

Image via: esteelauder (Instagram)
  • If you have dark circles, I would apply a little concealer under the eyes. (Make sure you avoid the blush and contour area). 
  • You can also add some more foundation over the areas where you have blemishes or discolourations. 
  • Then dust a layer of power over your face.
  • If you need more blush or contour, add more. But don't add too much as the colour of the blush and contour will be more vibrant. This is because colour sticks more to makeup that has been on the face for a while, compared to makeup that has just been applied. 
  • You can also touch up your eyeliner (if needed), and your eyeshadow. Generally if your eyeshadow has creased, just use a brush and blend out the colours. 
  • Finally, reapply your lipliner and lipstick. 
  • DONE! Now you are all touched up!

Image via: esteelauder (Instagram)

There we go beauties! If you have any questions, let me know by commenting below! If you want me to write about anything you can just email me or comment below. 


  1. These are really good tips and tricks, I am going to share this post with all the females I know and they gonna love me for this for sure. Thank you for sharing it

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad I could teach you a thing or two!! If you need any other advice, just comment below. I'm always happy to help!


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