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I was lucky enough to try some new Rimmel London products that have just been launched here in Australia. One is the new volume Shake Mascara (they have been advertsing this SO much on TV) and the other one is the Brow Shake, which is a brow powder. If you want to know what I thought about them, just read on...
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Volume Shake Mascara

We all hate clumpy lashes! So Rimmel has come up with a mascara that you shake to keep the volumising formula fresh! (How cool?!) So how does this work? Well, the formula goes from dry to creamy whenever it's shaken (this prevents the formula from drying out). I usually shake the mascara vertically about 3-5 times, and that seems to do the trick! Oh, make sure you really shake it - so put some muscle into it!

You will also notice that this mascara actually has some weight to it. It's probably the most heaviest mascara I have ever owned! The formula is also very similar to the other Rimmel mascaras and I found that it gave me clump free lashes. However, I had to remove some of the formula off the wand because sometimes it came out in creamy chucks. But I usually do this with most of my mascaras.

Brow Shake Filling Powder

Another cool invention from Rimmel is their super-soft powder that fills in any sparse areas on your brows. You can use the soft and narrow padded applicator to fill, shape and define your brow look. I found that it worked really well to fill in the sparse areas of my brows (which is what I use my Brow Shake for). The only thing I found is, if there was too much powder on the padded applicator, bits of the powder fell on the top of my cheeks. So if you think this is going to happen to you, I would first define and fill in your brows, clean up the fall out and then do the rest of your face. Or, you can tap off the excess powder on the applicator.

Image via: rimmellondonau (Instagram)
Well beauties I hope that you liked my short review! Have you used any of these products? If you have please comment below, I'd love to know! So yeah, I would definitely head to your nearest beauty store and grab them! Totally worth it!

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  1. I wondered about that brow powder! Thanks for the info Cass!

    1. No worries! Yeah just make sure you shake off the excess powder! :D Let me know how it goes for you!


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