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Have you ever wondered that maybe the pillow case that you sleep on could be aging you? If you are reading this and being like "whaaaaaat?" then you should probably keep on reading...

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I don't know about you, but I always use an anti-aging night cream just before bedtime, so I can try and prevent those fun wrinkles (and no, I don't have wrinkles just yet, but it's a good time to start). However, I often forget about my pillow case and the way I sleep. So I did a bit of research around this and apparently if you sleep a certain way (especially on your side), you could be adding to the ageing process.

Image via: pillowtalkaustralia (Instagram)
Poor sleeping habits are a major cause of premature aging. How? Well, when you sleep on your side, especially on a cotton pillow case, your delicate skin gets "crushed" which will ultimately lead to those neck lines. It's stated that we should be sleeping on our backs to avoid this (for some this may be hard, especially if you LOVE sleeping on your side, like me).

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Another solution is sleeping on a silk pillow case (for those who have trouble sleeping on their backs). For more information about silk pillow cases, just click here, I've reviewed a brand that sells silk pillow cases and eye masks and there is some more information on there too.

Image via: shhh silk (Instagram)
I hope I got you thinking about what pillow case you should be sleeping on! And even if you don't get a silk pillow case, I would recommend using an anti-aging night cream or as a start, a good night cream. If you are still confused just comment below!

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