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Right now in Australia winter is here and it's fairly chilly. When there is winter, there is dryness. Dryness EVERYWHERE! My lips are always the first to get dry. This is really annoying because if I put on any lipstick, it looks really cakey and cracked. So I decided to give the Burts Bees tinted lip oil a go... read on to see what I thought about them!

Image via: burtsbees (Instagram)
When I first found out about the Burts Bees tinted lip oil, I was quite interested because I've never really used a tinted lip oil, only a tinted lip balm. I think at first I was thinking, "Will my lips be super oily?" Well the truth is, it wasn't oily at all. It's basically a tinted lip gloss without all the nasty chemicals.

So I wore the Caramel Cloud (604) which is nude in colour for a whole day (while I was at work) and I must say I really liked it. I was glad that is wasn't tacky and it didn't have a weird taste. The formula is also lightweight so it didn't feel like I was wearing any lip product. I did however have to reapply a few times throughout the day. I think this must have been because my lips were quite dry and I guess they were just sucking up all the moisture.

Image via: burtsbees (Instagram)
The applicator is also pretty sweet. It's basically like a lip brush. The lip oil dispenses through the bristles, which makes putting it on a breeze. Oh and make sure you twist the top quite a bit for the initial release of the lip oil. It isn't broken, it just takes a few turns. 

Image via: http://www.thediaryofadebutante.com/burts-bees-tinted-lip-oil/ 
There is also six shades available! 
  • Caramel Cloud 
  • Whispering Cloud
  • Showering Sunset
  • Rustling Rose
  • Misted Plum
  • Crimson Breeze
I'm keen to try Misted Plum as I love the deeper shades, especially during winter!

Well there you go beauties! I hope you enjoyed my short review on the new tinted lip oil! If you have any questions or thoughts or you just want to tell me you have used it - just comment below. 

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