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I've been so excited to do this blog post (yes I know it's a pretty late)... however, I really loved it and I thought I should tell you why! So peaches, let's get straight too it!

Image via: toofaced (Instagram)
The first thing I noticed about the palette was the cute packaging. I've still kept the packaging because it's so pretty I don't want to throw it away. The eyeshadows are also kept in a sturdy tin, which will last for ages!

Secondly, no one can go past the sweetest smell of peaches! You literally open up the tin and the smell hits you like a ball to your face... except this is a ball of scent, which is far better than an actual ball- right? (HAHA)

Image via: thatspaolamae (Instagram)
Thirdly, the pigment is obviously amazing. Too Faced products are of great quality, which is why I don't mind paying a bit extra, rather than buying cheaper ones and having my eyeshadow crease. Not my favourite! However, I did find that you need to build up the product, oh and make sure you use a good quality blending brush, and a good eye primer.

Image via: hannahkempmakeupartist (Instagram)
Ok so what are the steps to ensure we have crease-free eyeshadow?

  1. Make sure you have no oil on your eyelid. (Our eyelids are the oiliest part of our faces). 
  2. Use an eye primer (VERY important). I love the benefit one (Stay Don't Stray). Or you can use the NYX jumbo eye pencil in white as a eyeshadow base (make sure you blend it out well). 
  3. Then I would start with either White Peach, Nectar or Peaches n' Cream to set the primer/ NYX jumbo eye pencil. (I've listed the names of the eyeshadow at the bottom of this blog post).
  4. Then go ahead and be creative! 

I found that doing my eye makeup in this order gave me no creases! Winning! So if you follow them, your eyelids should be crease-free too!

Image via: helenesjostedt (Instagram)
Names of the shades from right to left, top to bottom:

  • White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless her Heart, Tempting, Charmed, I'm Sure
  • Nectar, Cobbler, Candled Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable
  • Peaches n' Cream, Georgia, Carmelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby to Me

There we go peaches! Who else LOVES this eyeshadow? Lemme know, by commenting down below! Also don't forget to check out my social media posts and subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!


  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous palette. The colours are very glamorous and beautiful. Your eyes look simply wow in those shades. Do share step by step tutorial.

    1. I love this palette so much! I will post a tutorial on this look soon! If you don't want to miss it, follow me on Facebook (Makeup Maniaah) or subscribe. Thanks for being a reader!!


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