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Today I'm covering the biggest organ on the body... our skin! It's so important to look after it, especially the skin on our face. So this year I'm going to teach you, well, hopefully by the end of this blog post, what products you should use depending on what skin type you have. Sound good? Well, just keep reading.

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So the MOST important step is to find the right products for your skin. Yes, when it comes to skin, it's not a one-size-fits-all. No no! You either have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin (me) and sensitive skin.

  • Lets talk about dry skin
  • Hands up if you have dry skin! 
  • If you are dry, you need a cream cleanser, a mild toner (rose water, camomile, still mineral water) and a cream moisturiser.

  • What about oily skin
  • You will need either one of these, a lotion, cleaning milk or a cleansing bar. You want to try a witch hazel or cucumber toner and a non-greasy liquid moisturiser.

  • Join the club if you have combination skin!
  • We need a cream cleanser, a mild toner and a thin cream or thick lotion for our moisturiser.

  • Lastly sensitive skin!
  • If you are a little or very sensitive you need a cleanser, toner and moisturiser thats especially for sensitive skin. 
  • These products generally are alcohol free, and fragrance free. 

Ok, so what happens if you have just read this and thought, "that's mega helpful Cas, but I have NO idea what skin type I have." "Ok, don't panic," that's what I would've said if we were face to face, but since we are only online I'm going to give you a few clues!

Dry skin
  • Flaky patches
  • Your skin may feel "tight" after washing it

Oily skin
  • You have some or a lot of pimples
  • Your face often looks shinny 

Combination skin 
  • Dry + oily 

Sensitive skin 
  • Often red
  • Not all products work for you
  • May get some reaction 


So you know your skin type and what products you should use. Next question - how do you actually cleanse, tone and moisturise? What steps should you take? How many of these steps should you take?  Are there any extra steps? Can you only just moisturise, or just cleanse? Subscribe to my blog to read the next blog post, where I shall answer all these questions!

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But if you can't wait, and need some extra information click HERE (all about cleansers), which has been one of my most read skin related posts.

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  1. That is really good and informative post, need to share it with girls out there. Thank you for sharing it with us

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