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Welcome back to my makeup and skincare blog! I'm so excited for yet another year of blogging!! So, lets not waste any time, and get to this years first makeup product review!


The Balm Cosmetics has always been one of my favourite makeup brands. Their packaging is super cute and their makeup products are of great quality.

What I love about the Nude'tude palette is the pigmentation. You literally get the shade you see. There is nothing worse than using a black eyeshadow which appears grey on your eyelid. So with this palette, what you see is what you get.

Another plus about this palette is you get a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, so you can literally create any eyeshadow look just by using it. I must say my favourite shade out of the whole palette has got to be Sultry. I use it everyday for my base shade. It also neutralises all my red and blue tones on my eyelids, and I can even wear it just alone if I am going for the more natural look.

So, all in all beauties. I would defiantly add this to your makeup kit. You won't be disappointed!

Who has tried this? Comment below!

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