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I'm back with another review! This time, I'm putting Sleek Makeup in the spotlight! 

So, I stumbled into Target (Australia) the other day, and noticed Sleek Makeup was on special. Which is like a double bonus, because I LOVE Sleek Makeup, and plus, who doesn't love a sale?

Sleek Makeup have a new collection called the Rockstars Collection - Hidden Gems, and it's absolutely amazing! The pigment is so on point, and the shades are so bald- it's fabulous! I decided to pick up the eye shadow palette, however, if you CLICK HERE they have the rest of the collection online.

I've taken images from the Sleek Makeup online store, to show you the swatches.

Image via:

Image via:

I mostly use the silver shade for my inner corner. It gives so much life to my eyeshadow! And it actually makes my eyes look bigger! 

My suggestions:
  • I would put these eyeshadows on with a sponge applicator. I have found these work the best to get the most out of the pigment.
  • Don't build the shadow on too much, or it might start creasing. If you are going to, make sure you use an eye primer. I use the NYX jumbo pencils as my eyeshadow base/ primer. This works like a gem. 

Well, there you go beauties!


  1. I was fortunate to have read this article and I really liked the article you created

    1. Thank you! I love reviewing makeup products!! :D


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