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I'm back with another review! This time I was lucky to try the new BotanicES skincare brand that is now selling in Priceline Australia. BotanicES is an ethically produced, all natural caffeine skincare range. Yes, I just said a "caffeine" skincare. We love coffee over here in Australia, and now we can have it in our skincare. So you may be thinking, "Cassie, what is the benefits of having coffee in our skincare?" Oh I am SO glad you asked ;) - I've numbered a few reasons below.

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  • It's firming.
  • Reduces puffiness, redness, flakiness and dryness. 
  • It's perfect for woman, men and teens.
  • It's effective in reducing, treating and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Now you maybe thinking, why would I be using this product if I don't have any fine lines or wrinkles? Basically it's not just for fine lines and wrinkles, AKA "mature aged skincare", it's about looking after my skin and helping it during the seasons where it maybe a bit dry or red. For example, my skin type is combination. I have oil through my T-zone and really dry cheeks. I love adding more product to my cheeks because sometimes our cheeks need a little bit of TLC. 

"So Cassie, what have you tried and what are your thoughts?" Once again, such a great question. Keep reading to find out...

Eye Creme
  • The creme isn't too thick, which is good for around the eye area.
  • It's fast absorbing which is awesome. 
  • I can notice a change in the colour under my eye area (slowly getting lighter).
  • Because it's natural it does have a natural smell, which some people don't like, but I really don't mind it.
Face Creme
  • This creme is also quite light in formula. 
  • It doesn't feel heavy on my face and seems to absorb relatively quickly. 
  • It's also ideal for all skin types. 
Body Creme
  • The body cream is incredibly light and it absorbs so fast!
  • Leaves my skin super soft.
  • It's non greasy.
  • It can also be used as an after- sun smoother. 
  • Keep checking my social media (mostly Instagram), to hear my thoughts on this one. 

So overall I am really happy with this brand. I support the company because BontanicES is Australian owned and operated with all their products backed by science and it's created direct here in Australia. They source their beans from Australian Coffee Growers. Shout out for the support! :D

The "ES" stands for environmentally sustainable. Which is super awesome, because their packaging is carefully sourced from recycled materials that are all fully recyclable. How amazing right?

If you have tried this brand, or any products in the range, let me know what you think! Also, don't forget to come and join me on my social media accounts, listed below. Oh, and you should totally subscribe... just saying. 

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p.s.s - Click here to go to the online store!

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