Hey Beauties! :D

I hope everyone is feeling fabulous because today I have another review! This time, it's on the Model Rock strip lashes.


So what do I think about these lashes?

  • They literally have such a massive collection! I find myself starring at the wall of lashes and being like, "Ok Cassie, you don't need every style. Just pick the ones you need." Then I end up buying like ten different styles. I always use the excuse that I can use it for my professional kit.
  • They are super comfortable to wear. I find these lashes don't annoy my eyes. There is nothing worse than going out and having your fake lashes reminding you that they exist. 
  • They are an Australian company! Being Aussie, I'm 100% on board with supporting local businesses. 
  • They are hand-made. I don't know about you, but I just appreciate them more. Someone has put their hard efforts into making these babies. 
  • The price is awesome. Seriously these lashes aren't expensive. Yay for the savings! 
  • They are re-usuable. Hell yes! I paid for these lashes, I want them to last. And yet they do, I can use them for like days and thats with mascara over the top. Just FYI, I do take the majority of the mascara off the lashes, before I coat them with more mascara. No one likes those clumpy lashes.  

So there you have it beauties! A short review on one of my favourite false eyelash brands!

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