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There is literally a new mascara out every month, so it's pretty hard to keep up with the latest. But, lucky for you beauties, I'm here to buy and try the latest and give you my honest reviews - so you can either buy it, or save your money.

So Covergirl has come up with one of the latest mascara's. It's called Covergirl Plumify BlastPro. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, it is!

I have been wearing this mascara for about 4 weeks now and I LOVE it. I have no panda eyes, the mascara formula dries really fast and I have amazing lashes afterwards! Another awesome thing about this mascara is, if you have really long lashes (and hooded lids) and you put on mascara, I find that sometimes I get these little black lines just under my brows - where my top lashes have touched my eyelid. (This usually happens when I don't wear eyeshadow). If that makes sense? So when I wore this mascara, I didn't have any little black lines under my brows! It was such a relief.

However, the only thing I found is, if you aren't into big wands this won't be the mascara for you. I am lucky I have rather long eyelashes so I love it. I think if you had really small lashes, it may be slighter harder. But hey, it is totally up to you what you prefer!

Here is a close up of the mascara wand. (Sorry that the quality of the picture isn't 100% clear). I found that I only used the sides, not so much the pointy bits in the front. But overall, it's a very good mascara in my opinion!

Well beauties, I hope you loved my quick review! If you want more of my beauty favourites come say hi on my social media.

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