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I go to bed and wake up the next morning, and BAM there is a new makeup trend called draping. Who has heard of this trend? I haven't! So I did some research and this is what I've found.
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Draping is basically the new contouring - but with a twist. It's contouring using blush. Now I know you may be thinking: "Are you for real? Thats just gonna make me look like I'm blushing - hardcore." Well, basically yes, if you do it wrong. Just like contouring, if you contour too much you just look like you have mud on your face.

So by draping correctly, you are giving your face a sculpted glow using blush. When you contour you sculpt your face using dark shades. By sculpting your face in blush you are essentially going to get a softer result.

Image via: marcbeauty (Instagram)
The key to making draping looking fabulous is the use of blending! (My favourite word). You want to start off with a darker shade of blush right underneath your cheek bone and then you want to blend it out with a lighter blush colour. Yes I said it, using two blushes. But hey, thats the trend - either embrace it or don't.

Basically, that my beauties is draping. Do you think it will become as big as contouring? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Happy draping beauties! Oh, but before you drap have a check at my social media.

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