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I'm so excited to tell you all about a new primer I bought at my local beauty store. It's called Zero Pores Primer, and it's from the Klara cosmetics range. I thought of giving it a try because I've used their Reset Instant New Skin (and loved it). So I thought why not give the primer a go. Boy oh boy, did I love it. Keep reading to find out why!

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The first thing I noticed about this primer was how smooth it was. When I put it on my face I found that it glided on really well and it dried in no time. This always helps when you are in a rush and have to quickly apply makeup! (Sound familiar?)

My foundation lasted throughout the whole day, and my face stayed matte (which is really good because I have an oily T-zone). Another great plus is that it helped to blur out my pores and filled in my smile lines. (I clearly smile too much!) My favourite part about this primer is that a little goes a long way. You don't need to use a lot, which is awesome because it's quite pricy. I probably would consider this primer more high-end, than low-end.

So how do you use this primer?

Here are the steps that I followed (from their YouTube video):

- Firstly, make sure that your face is clean. (So cleanse up beauties!)
- Then using the back of your hand, pump out a small amount (pea sized).
- Using a flat brush, sweep the primer in all the areas on your face.

This is all you need to do before you apply your foundation/ BB cream. It can be worn alone, because of its weightless, oil-free formula, which is really cool for those who don't want to wear makeup, or just wear BB cream.

Well lovelies I really hope you enjoyed my short review. I also hope you like the NEW layout! IT'S MOBILE FRIENDLY! Whooohooo!

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