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The trend of 2016 has got to be matte lipsticks! (Don't you agree?) Nudes and berries are most certainly in this year and will compliment most skin tones. Which is totally awesome! Plus in Australia, Winter is coming (hehe Game of Thrones reference), which means nudes and berry shades are the trendy colours of winter this year.


So, as a trendy beauty blogger that I try to be, I'm always on the look out for the next best thing. After all, I need to be able to share my finds with all you beauties! So, after looking for quite some time, I came across Revlon's HD matte lipcolors. WOW. I absolutely LOVE them. Why do I love them you ask? Well, let me give you some dot points on why they are one of my favourite matte lipcolors of right now. This way you can read them faster than me woffling in paragraphs.

Here they are!

  • It's high definition -  so the colour is pretty "full/ vivid".
  • It doesn't cake (like most matte lip creams that I have tried).
  • It's not drying - which is awesome! 
  • It's light-weight.
  • It's actually very moisturising!
  • My favourite part - it's a wax free gel formula. The waxy matte creams tend to cake so easily and they are very drying. 
  • It dries matte. Now I found that it doesn't dry matte straight away, it takes a few minutes. (So be patient). 
  • It has a velvety feel.
  • It has a whipped vanilla and creamy mango fragrance. YUM!
  • And the applicator makes such a perfect outer lip line!  

Well there we go beauties! A really short, but sweet review of the Revlon HD matte lip colours. I will definitely continue to buy them, and hopefully I'll have all 8 shades. I currently have 5 - so you could say I'm almost there!

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p.s If you want to see the other shades, just click here.

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