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You: "I'm looking for a foundation/ I'm looking for a cleanser."

Sales Assistant: "Ok, well what is your skin type?"

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Ever wonder why we keep getting asked this question? Well, there are different makeup/ skin products built to suit different skin types, and by skin types I mean OILY, COMBINATION, SENSITIVE or DRY.  Some of us know exactly what skin type we are, while others are slightly stumped! Well, don't worry beauties as I'm here to help you decide what your skin type is! (In a different kind of way)...

Oily Skin

  • When you wake up you feel your face is like a giant pimple. 
  • You always make sure you carry blotting papers with you EVERYWHERE.
  • When you wear makeup you always have to focus on your concealer and foundation to fake perfect skin. 
No matter what you do, you always feel like you are a shinny being from universe disco. You're forever getting pimples... Well, to combat the pimples use products containing salicylic acid to keep pores unclogged, and benzoyl peroxide to kill nasty bacteria. Now, remember skipping moisturiser can back fire as your skin will produce more oil to make up for it.

Skincare Suggestions

  • Cetaphil Oily Cleanser
  • Dermalogica Clean Start Bedtime for Breakouts
  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

Dry Skin 

  • When you wake up your skin is dull and lifeless. 
  • You always make sure you carry your lip balm with you when you go out. 
  • You skin seems to feel tight and flaky. 
  • When you wear makeup you always make sure you have enough moisturiser on. 
After you cleanse your face, you always feel that it's uncomfortably tight. To prevent this you want to make sure you are using a hydrating cleanser. You can also pump moisture back into your skin with smoothing serums and moisturising masks. I would stay clear of matte foundations to avoid making your skin look like sandpaper.

Skincare Suggestions

  • The Body Shop Day Creme
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil
  • Dove Fresh Touch Facial Cleanser

Combination Skin 

  • When you wake up you are slightly shiny on your nose. 
  • You find that throughout the day you are always oily on your nose. 
  • You can't live without moisturiser. 
  • When you wear your makeup you find that you have to reapply because it slides off after a couple of hours. 
You tend to suffer from an oily T-zone, but sometimes your skin can feel quite dry after cleansing. I would be using a moisturer where you really need it, like on the cheeks and utter edges of your face. I would also use a deep cleansing scrub about 2-3 times per week which will reduce and prevent breakouts.

Skincare Suggestions

  • La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser
  • La Roche Posay Toleraine Soothing Protective Skincare
  • Burts Bees Anti-blemish Scrub 


  • When you wake up your skin looks pretty much the same.
  • When you head out you focus on your hair more than your makeup.
  • When you shower you sometimes get red blotches if the water temperature is too hot. 
  • When you wear makeup, you sometimes get a reaction to it.
As a sensitive beauty you need to find products that don't irritate your skin. I would stick to products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible or are specifically designed for sensitive skin. If you are wondering what makeup would suit, try mineral makeup as it is great to use as it is gentle on the skin.

Skincare Suggestions

  • Natio Essential Daily Moisturising Lotion
  • Jurlique Chamomile Soothing Mist
  • Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser
Now that you know which skin type you are, you can use the correct cleanser. I've written a blog post on this, just CLICK HERE.

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