Hey Beauties! :D

I thought I'd share with you some of my recent achievements! In a couple of months (in August 2016) I will be taking part in RAW: (Natural Born Artists) in Brisbane, Australia.

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RAW are an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. They focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public by hand selecting 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and makeup. I have been lucky enough to be one of the 40 featured artists!

I will be doing makeup for the fashion show, and I have something amazing planned for my own model. It will most likely be something relating to special effects makeup! Gore anyone? ;) Special effects makeup has always been something that I'm passionate about, so why not showcase it?

So, if you are in Brisbane, Australia and would like to come and meet me, and see my awesome designs, or maybe you are a makeup artist, film director, model, artist, singer or dancer and would like to get some exposure, and network this event is for you too!

You can click this link below which will take you to my profile on the RAW website. If you would like to buy tickets, just click on my profile and grab some, bring along your friends and family too!

Click here to see my profile on RAW and buy tickets.
Click here if you want to see my professional website (makeover anyone?)

Oh! Come say hi on my social media accounts!


  1. Anonymous4/25/2016

    Congrats! Thats awesome! I always see your special effects stuff on your Insta! Great job!

    1. Awwww! Thank you so much!! And thanks for leaving a comment!


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