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Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2016, welcome to Makeup Maniaah. Another year of blogging and trying out every new makeup/ beauty product out there. Who is excited?

To start off this fabulous year, I thought of doing a blog post about how to create a smokey eye. Now, I know you maybe wondering why it's titled "NYE bold smokey eye" because clearly NYE is over, however the smokey eye look is a classic. And I may have forgotten to publish this blog. <oops> But thats ok- right? It's here now and I'm really hoping you will get something out of it.

Oh, I'M A QUALIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST! My professional website will be done pretty soon- just got a few things to add. (Get excited).

Anyway, lets begin beauties!

Step 1

Apply a beige foundation (or your colour) to the eyelid and undereye.

Step 2

Set the foundation with a translucent powder.

Step 3

Apply black eyeshadow along the entire base of the lid. You can also use black eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

Step 4

Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line.

Step 5

Apply black pencil eyeliner inside the lower rim of the eye.

Step 6

Apply black eyeliner to the waterline.

Step 7

Curl lashes and apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Step 8

Apply false eyelashes (you can click here for more information regarding false eyelashes).

Step 9

That's it! Finish this look with a strong contour and some red lips!

I hope this helped in creating a bold smokey eye look. If you want to know how to create other looks, just comment below!

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