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Brows have become such a fashion statement. Some are filled in, some are drawn in, while others just appear natural. We all want that perfect brow, however not everyone was gifted in the brow department. Nonetheless, there are products out there to enhance and glorify our natural brows. All you need to do is figure out which one is best suited for your brows and what look you want to achieve. There are four kinds of brow products that you can use to create almost any look. These are powdered brow products, brow pencils, brow mascaras and brow pens/ markers.  

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Powdered brow products

Brow powders are basically like brown eye shadow, just matte. These products are generally used for creating a natural look and are suited for first timers. If you are a first timer it is very important to pick a brow powder that is slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow colour. If you pick one that is too dark your brows will look unnatural.


  • Once you have chosen the right shade you want to dip the brow brush into the powder, and tap off the excess product. Then you want to trace the outline of your brows, using very light strokes. To prevent the color from running or fading, brush a layer of clear brow gel or mascara on afterwards to seal in the look.

 Best brands

  • Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Powder Kit
  • Ardell Brow Defining Powder
  • Face of Australia High Definition Brow Kit

Brow pencils

Brow pencils are one of the easiest ways of filling in your brows. They are available in shades ranging from light brown to dark brown and even in black. Most of these brow pencils are waxier in texture compared to eyeliner pencils. This allows them to be user friendly by going on naturally without the harsh lines of that of an eyeliner pencil.


  • To use these pencils all you need to do is lightly full in your natural eyebrow and then soften it, using the bristles attached to the pencil to create that blended look.

Best Brands

  •           Models Prefer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil
  •           Maybelline Brow Precise

Brow mascaras

These are the new kids on the block. They are mostly used if you already have thick bushy brows, but want to give them a bit more shape. Basically the gel from the mascara clumps your brow hairs together creating a nice brow shape. If you have really blonde brows and need a bit more colour, then you can use tinted brow mascara, which will shape and colour your brows in at the same time.  


  • You need to use these like mascara, by gently combing through the brow hairs, like you would with your eyelashes.

Best Brands

  •           Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel
  •           L’oreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper

Brow pens/ markers

These products are probably the least used, because they are hard to get perfect. However, if you can do it, it does wonders for your brows. Make sure that if you choose this method, that you have oil-based makeup remover because regular makeup remover probably won’t take the product off.


  • If you are looking to create a natural look, you can draw in individual hairs in a flicking-like-motion. Or if you are looking for a solid brow, you can trace the shape of your natural brows and just colour them in.

Best Brands

  •           Models Prefer Brow Tint
  •           Prestige Cosmetics My Brow Pen

If none of these products work for you, there is no harm in combining them. Some people will use a powder and seal it with brow mascara. It’s really up you and what you feel comfortable with.  Experimentation is your best friend.


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