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Another beauty has requested a blog post! How exciting I love getting requests!! Here it is:

Heyyyy can you write one about contouring and highlighting? Never done it and scared to try!
"Contouring and highlighting" you hear it everywhere. These days your makeup routine isn't completed without that contoured nose or highlighted cheek bone. But how do you know where you should be contouring or highlighting? Well, don't worry I have some tips that will hopefully be helpful in contouring and highlighting! :D

Lets get started!

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So when the balance from your hairline to your eyes, or from your eyes to the bottom of your nose, or from the bottom of your nose to the tip of your chin isn't balanced- makeup can fix it. Literally just by contouring and highlighting. How cool!

  • If your forehead is too high you want to darken the it around the hairline (choose a colour that is two shades darker than the base colour). Make sure you blend the contoured colour downwards so that it gradually disappears into the foundation.

  • But what happens if your forehead is too low? Well, you want to use the same principle, but this time you want to highlight it using a highlighting shade thats two shades lighter than your base colour. Make sure you apply it as close to the hairline as possible (don't forget to blend downward).

  • Sometimes your forehead is too narrow or too wide. Can that be fixed? Yes, yes it can! You want to add highlights or contours at the outer areas (near the temples). Be careful not to contour too much as you could have a "skull-like" affect- which would be ageing. However, for Halloween go nuts if you want this "skill-like" affect!

  • Some people also worry about their chin being too long. If this is the case, all you need to do is contour the lower part. And highlight if it's too short.

  • But if the face is too flat or too round- then what? Well, all you need to do is contour under the cheekbones, which makes either a flat or round face more interesting.

Well, there you go. A short blog post about contouring and highlighting. Comment below if you have used any awesome contouring or highlighting products! I would love to try them. :D And if you read this post to the end, why don't follow my social media accounts and subscribe to my blog? It's really easy!


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    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you love my blog post!! I haven't used any of those products - where can you buy them from? Keen to try something new! :D

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