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I've finally been able to post another exciting review, since its been ages since I did one. I've been beauty advising - AKA being a cosmetician. Which is basically a person who does makeovers and gives advise about beauty and skincare related questions. And on the other hand, I'm studying to become a qualified makeup artist. So you would understand how busy I have been. However, I have found time to write this amazing product review! Keep reading to find out.

So, the other day I stumbled across Thin Lizzy's concealer. At first I really didn't know what to expect because I have never used any of the Thin Lizzy makeup products before, so I was pretty open minded about the range. But boy oh boy, I absolutely love this concealer. 

Why do I love this concealer so much? What makes it better than the other ones I used? Well, it covers up my dark circles, redness on my face and the occasional blemish. I was actually shocked that in a few daps with my finger, my dark circles literally disappeared. Just like that. In fact I was so happy with this concealer I told all my friends to buy it. Who wouldn't share an amazing find?

My one friend needed to cover up a tattoo, and I knew, being a beauty advisor that Dermablend is one of the top products that cover up tattoos. However, she didn't want to buy a tattoo coverup for just one night. So we gave Thin Lizzy a try and oh my gosh. Honestly the coverage was incredible. With just a few dabs of the concealer and some setting powder, the tattoo had vanished. She now has a concealer that she can use underneath her makeup and to cover up her tattoo. How good? 

Another positive with this concealer is that there are 8 different shades. Being a cosmetician/ beauty advisor I am always finding that brands do only a "light," "medium," or "dark" colour. So for ladies/ men who are in between those, Thin Lizzy makes it easier to find their perfect match. 

Based on how pleased I am with this concealer, I am super excited to try the other products. I am hoping to try some of their loose powers and pressed powders, maybe even their eyeliner too.

Well, there you go- an amazing concealer that does it all! Have any of you beauties tried this too? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

You can find updated Concealer Crème on the Thin Lizzy website.


  1. Thanks for the info Cass! I'm looking for a new concealor. Where did you get it from??

    1. Hey! Looking for a new concealer is tough- literally because there are so many different concealers out there. What are you currently using?

      Oh, and I got this specific Thin Lizzy concealer at Priceline Pharmacy.


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