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I'm back with another post and this is all about my top tips for makeup. I'm thinking of doing a blog post for every section of the face. So in this blog post it's all about the lips, I've done the eyes, then the brows and foundation should follow and so on... Some may be just a few tips, while others may be a bit longer. So, lets begin!

#1 It's important to make sure your lips are moisturised and not cracked when applying a lipstick.
#2 Line your lips to help the lipstick from "bleeding" or "running" throughout the day.
#3 If you make any errors with your lipstick, use a small angled brush with a bit of tiny foundation on it and gently clean up the area.
#4 The whiter your teeth are, the more your lipstick will pop. Try using a toothpaste with some whitening in the formula.
#5 Always prepare your lips by gently exfoliating them.
#6 Before you do your makeup, apply a layer of lip balm to reduce the amount of cracked-ness (#1).
#7 To keep your lipstick from fading, apply foundation all the way around your lips, to the outer edge.
#8 Apply lip liner (on the whole lip) so the lipstick lasts longer.
#9 Blot your lips with a tissue to prevent any lipstick going onto your teeth.
#10 Baby pink shades and plum tones work well on pale skin.
#11 Medium skin tones look best wearing apricot or berry shades.
#12 Olive skin tones suit orangey peaches, rosy pinks, warm bronzes and gold tones.
#13 Dark skin tones can pull off reds, tangerines or chocolate shades.

Well, that's all the tips that are currently stored in my head. If you would like me to do some tips regarding other products or parts of the face, PLEASE comment below- it's the only way I'll know what you beauties want :D Also, I've been requested by a friend of mine to do a post on eyeliner, so thats coming shortly.


  1. Anonymous7/16/2015

    This is such a great post! Could you do more like this? It would be awesome :) Oh, and your blog is teaching me heaps!

    1. Sure I can! Just comment if you come up with anything :D


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