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What is the most oiliest part of the face? The eyelids! Oil is the number one killer of eyeshadow. So, ALL oil must be removed from your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Below are some steps you can take to ensure all the oil on your eyelids is removed.

Step 1

  • Cleanse your lids with a water-based cleanser. You can also use alcohol- and perfume-free baby wipes. Do not moisturise your lids afterwards. 

Step 2

  • Do we apply foundation to the lids. YES. Why? Well, your eyelids have blue and red tones, and when you apply foundation, you knock out all the blue-red tones. 
  • However, if you don't want to put foundation on the lids, you can use a "wash" colour- which is like a base colour (white, cream, beige), and this goes over your whole lid.

Step 3

  • Lightly powder the eyelids with translucent powder. You can click here to check out more tips on how to set the eye area.  

Good luck with prepping those beautiful eyes! If you have any questions, don't forget to comment below :)


  1. Anonymous6/18/2015

    Woah, I totally didn't know that the eyes were the most oiliest. No wonder my eye makeup doesn't last! *Face palm*

    1. Yeah, I was having the same issue. I have quite oily skin and my eyelids are super oily too, and as soon as I removed all the oil and prepped them- my eye makeup lasted for AGES! It was so much better than having "creases" on your eyelids.


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