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Today I'll be blogging about setting your foundation on your eyelids. Setting foundation means to apply powder on top of the foundation, so that the foundation does not move.  It is important to use foundation on the eyelids for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons is that it allows makeup to stay on throughout the day by priming the lids. This will then create a smoother surface on which to apply the eyeshadow. Which in turn minimises blotchiness and keeps the eyeshadow from smudging or fading throughout the day. 

Choosing a powder
  • When setting foundation on the lids, apply powder gently on top of foundation before applying eyeshadow. 

Loose powder
  • For the eye area, use loose powder (which is lighter in texture than other powders). 
  • Loose powder sets the lids, without adding thickness. 
  • Use a translucent loose powder (with no colour/ hint of yellow) for light to medium skin tones- as powders will slightly darken when layered on top of foundation. 
  • So be sure to use a lighter shade than your foundation.
  • Woman with darker skin may have to accommodate their skin tones and use a lighter powder for the undereye area, so look for powders that contain yellow or orange.

Pressed powder
  • This is the best type of powder to keep with you doing the day for makeup touch ups (I use the Nude by Nature Pressed Powder for my touch ups).
  • However most contain oils and blending agents to hold the powder in place, which can magnify fine lines in the eye area. 
  • To ensure a softer application, rub off any excess powder from the puff before application. 

Undereye powder
  • These powders have extremely fine textures. 
  • Using a powder that is finely milled with a very soft texture under the eyes, is essential if the skin under your eye has fine lines or is dry.  
I hope this has helped with setting your foundation/ eyeshadow on the eyelid. If you have any requests or just need advice, please let me know in the comments below.


  1. Anonymous6/14/2015

    I never knew that you had to put foundation on the eyelids- thanks for sharing this!

    1. Yeah! It's very important to put foundation on the eyelid in order to create a flawless base. You wouldn't want any red-blue tones under your eyes and on your eyelids showing. I'm also in the process of writing a blog post about prepping the eyes before applying eyeshadow and foundation. So keep your eyes peeled :D

  2. Anonymous6/16/2015

    Actually Cass, depending on the eyelid, if you prep the eye with liquid foundation it will crease. Not a pretty look, its much better to use eye primer for the eye lid rather than foundation. To get rid of the red /blue just use a neural colour eye shadow as base (usually a cream based so you can layer the powder over it)

    :) just my two cents.

    1. Yes! I learnt this today at makeup school! Thanks heaps for your advice :D I love learning from other beauties! Feel free to give me advice on any of my blog posts :)


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