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Today's blog post is all about the eyes because they are our most powerful feature of our faces. Whether you have large, small, round, almond-shape or Asian eyes - they are the first thing people notice (well, I hope :P). Anyway the eyes are the key to success when it comes to beautiful makeup. 

When you do your makeup, most people will tell you to conceal first, do your foundation etc, but you should always do your eyes first. Why? Firstly, because when you blend your eyeshadows you will always get "fallout." What is "fallout" you ask- well it's annoying bits of eyeshadow that continually fall onto your cheeks. You have to continually wipe it off and it takes up way to much time, plus it ruins your foundation. And second, most woman will put in all their energy in creating the perfect base, and leave minimal time to do the eye makeup. Why not put in all your energy in creating beautiful eyes?
If you do your eyes first, and make a mistake, you can simply just wipe it off. BUT- you must prep your eyes! Click here on how to prep your eyes. Remember your eyelids are the most oiliest parts of your face, so please don't apply more oil to them. You can also click here for some more information regarding setting the eye area. 

Now, after we have prepped the eye area, and set it. You need to ask yourself three important questions. I have gathered these questions from Rae Morris. 
  • What colour are they?
  • What shape are they?
  • What don't you like about your eyes?
Eye shape- The most common problem with eye shape is that often woman don't know what to do to minimise or enhance a certain shape. Whenever your eye shadow, my golden rule is to NEVER DO THINGS IN HALF on the eye. This is an expert tip from the all glorious, Rae Morris. 

Small eyes 

  • You can make them look bigger- yes I said it- small eyes can be big eyes. Makeup is powerful. The best trick in the book is to curl your lashes and then to apply mascara too. Use a creamy white pencil (not waterproof) to the inner rim. This creates that illusion of bigger eyes. 

Very large, rounded/ protruding eyes

  • Never use hard-edged eyeliner, either above or below. A smudged liner is the only type allowed. You should try and make the eyeshade more cat-like by applying dark pencil to the inner rim of the eye, this helps to shrink the eye shape. Keep all the dark colours to the outer third corner of the eye. Don't highlight the the middle of the eyelid, and only apply mascara to the top of the lashes. 

Heavy/hooded eyelids

  • Whatever colour you choose as your eyeshadow, use it in the inner corners (top and bottom) of your eyes. This way when you eyes are open you can still see the colour on your lids. Eyebrow shape is essential, anything too arched will accentuate heavy lids, so you want a straighter brow shape with a slight arch. No frosty eye shadow allowed. However, using a matt contouring shade on the lids is a great way of giving the illusion of a deeper set socket. 

Close-set eyes

  • The best tip is to use highlighter in the inner corners. Basic rule = everything that is light or highlighting or metallic goes on the inner corner, and anything dark and smoky goes on the outer corner. 

Very small eyelashes

  • The solution is easy! False eyelashes all the way :P 

I hope that you have taken something away from this blog post and if you have any more questions, please comment below and I'll respond ASAP.


  1. Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Greenfield. Cassie asked me to post up some makeup tips for you all. A little bit about myself first, I am a Professional makeup artist, and have been for the last 3 years. I have a Youtube channel that isn't super amazing yet, but it is getting there. I will have a link to my Youtube channel at the end of all the tips.

    Tip 1 - Makeup will always remove makeup. If you have fall out on your cheeks and you like doing your foundation first before anything else, foundation with a Q-Tip or concealer will remove anything! even mascara, that somehow has gotten on your cheeks and forehead!!

    Tip 2 - If you find it hard to make your lid eyehadows blend nicely, try adding what we call in the makeup industry a 'transitional' shade, which is a light brown on the neutral end. Put that through your crease lightly and your lid colour will blend more smoothly.

    Tip 3 - Always use a under brow highlight! You can always have a nice white or light beige under your brows to give them a nice lifted effect without any surgery.

    Tip 4 - Don't ever be afraid to place eyeshadow under your eyes! linking up the eyeshadow from the top to the bottom can really change a look and even open your eyes up more!

    Tip 5 - Try out false lashes! Some ladies are always to scared to try them, but they do make your eyes bigger and also make them look sexier. They are a little trouble starting off, but their are a lot of tutorials on Youtube showing you how to use them. My favourite lashes are individuals to use, you just lay them down and they look the most natural.

    I hope you liked these tips. If you want to learn more about makeup visually head over to my Youtube channel and watch some content from myself. And thank you for reading what I have written for you all today.

    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCV5k8qKTCGsjyzO4gXp7Nw

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